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Back to December.

Well,I mess up now in this empty room.

looking for nothing and regret for no reason..

just wondering and keep believing to myself,how can it happen?

This December start with rains and rains..

it feels that my heart’s raining too,

I want to run and reach that dream,but you’ve broken it.

I still believe that my last December wish become true with you but,

you just make it all mess,and I just can’t face it all clearly honestly.

I remembered that you said your wish with me and you’ve promised that someday you’ll be with me in the middle of the snowy season..


but it’s all now just nothing.

just a dream,just a memories and i know i must let it go and pass for it.

so it will just me walk away from you,forget about anything’s like you did.

and the point is let your happiness go with someone else (:


Sometimes my eyes get jealous of my heart.

Do You Know WHY?

B e c a u s e ,

You always remain close to my heart but far away from my eyes :’

Missing You

I know it hurts you

It hurts me too,

But now you were gone,

All I know is missing you.

You were there for so long,

I never thought you would leave.

I thought you had so many years, waiting up on me.

That day you left, was the saddest day of my life

I remembered when I went home and cried all night.

I might be selfish,

But I wish you were still here.

Or if you stayed,

For at least you don’t have the new one,to replace my place.

I know you love me,

I’m still loving you too,so much

So I’m trying to be good,

Just for you.

I know I’m not perfect,

I will never be.

But I hope you’re up there,

Proud of me because this is the real me

who’d you loved at first time.

You had to let go,

Even though you were holding on for so long

But there’s not a day I don’t think of you,

And how you were so strong.

You never complained,Or said why me?

You just knew,

That’s the way it was meant to be.

So I just want to tell you,

Even though I’m still cryin,

That’s not mean I’m weak but I miss you so much,

And I’m glad if you’re okay without me now.



  • X: I love you..
  • Y: I love you too until you left me and make me feel nothing in your eyes.I love your everything,but you don't.I just feel "me" when i'm with you so i can show the real me to you,but you don't like it too.I want to make you as my bestfriend,my brother and my love getting one,but you hate indeed.I feel useless,nothing and this pain's so deeply sick.
  • X: Sorry for breaking your heart,Here's your heart back.Thanks for loving me.